O'Neill // Client

O'Neill Active Campaign 2022


To create a campaign to mark the launch of O'Neill ACTIVE's new optical collection.


A dynamic and playful mixed media shoot on the vibrant streets and beaches of Miami to deliver a standout campaign that cuts through.

What We Did

  • Production

  • Photography


It's always magic to see campaigns released into the wild, but this is one is special. Earlier this year, team OOB relocated to Miami for this incredible mixed media shoot with O'Neill ACTIVE and our friends at Inspecs. We're so proud of this one!

We took to the streets and beaches of Miami to create a campaign that's as colourful, vibrant and energetic as the place itself, with the incomparable, expert eye (and bucket hat) of Stanners (Matt Stansfield) behind the lens and the amazing Joseph Thompson on video. We worked to capture real, candid moments between brilliant models, Amanda and Lucas, to deliver fun and engaging shots that showcase the collection beautifully.

The campaign has just been released internationally to critical acclaim - the results speak for themselves.

Special thanks to Sophie Andrews, Adam Loewy, Cindy Swain and the rest of the Inspecs team for having us - you can't call it work when you have this much fun!


Photographer: Matthew Stansfield
DOP: Joseph Thompson
Producer: Sarah Fulford-Williams (OOB)
Models: Amanda Riley & Lucas Loyola
Lighting: Jake Sopher
Digi: Tolga Kavut
Assists: Soffina Kingelin & Abi Feltham (OOB)
Agency: OOB
Client: O'Neill, Inspecs

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