Hugo // Client

Design & Creative for New Singapore Bank Hugo


Creative partnership through brand, design and production for Singapore's hottest challenger bank


We've partnered with Hugo to creatively support them from pre to post launch and beyond.

What We Did

  • Branding

  • Design

  • Website

  • Animation


We’ve been creatively partnered with Hugo, one of Singapore’s hottest challenger banks, since the beginning of 2020. Hugo provides all the banking services that you’d expect, but with a difference. They believe that opportunities to create and grow wealth exist everywhere, and in every moment. They’re on a mission to help people create healthy financial savings habits, allowing them to invest in one of the fastest growing industries, gold.

One of our biggest projects with Team Hugo has been working to bring their banking app to life through bright, bold, and engaging design, making it simple, fun, and easy to use, whilst avoiding financial jargon and typical financial line graphs!

Hugo - The Character

We wanted to create a character who embodies the Hugo brand personality and values; a mascot who can champion users on their financial journey with Hugo. 

Enter Hugo himself! Think of him as your friendly neighbourhood robot, here to help users achieve tasks and cheerlead them on the road to financial success. We wanted to mirror the simplicity of the Hugo service offering, and so Hugo is a simple yet expressive character who can be used in different ways to convey various emotions, guiding and prompting the user to make healthy financial habits in the app. 

Reasons why we love Hugo:

He adds personality to the brand, making it more accessible and relatable

He helps Hugo stand out against competitors in the typically stuffy banking world

He helps to simplify complicated financial jargon into bite sized, easy to understand points, demystifying the world of finance for Hugo users

Partnered with Heroteam, who created the app and website

We’ve been proudly partnered with London development agency, Hero Team, since Our Own Brand began. We’re excited to continuously collaborate with them on the Hugo project, helping to bring the brand to life across all touchpoints.

Another exciting project was designing the physical Hugo bank card. Our design plays on the idea of investing in gold by using the physical EMV gold chip on the card, made to look like stacked gold bars with the vault icon surrounding it. A nod to Hugo’s Wealthcare element.

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