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Brand Identity For New Software Marketplace - Fyrefly


We were approached by the Fyrefly team to create a humanistic and approachable brand from the ground up, including naming, visual and verbal identity.


A clean, contemporary and colourful brand identity which truly stands out and cuts through.

What We Did

  • Branding

  • Messaging

  • Animation


As a contender in the IT marketplace delivering seamless tech solutions for small businesses, Fyrefly wanted a brand that really stood out amongst faceless and uninspired competitors. This identity needed to be fun, fresh and instantly recognisable, but above all, it had to be simple.

We were inspired by the 'fire' in Fyrefly to create the flame 'F' icon. Unique and dynamic, it has a nod to movement and progression.

We wanted to lean into the 'fire' element of the name to insinuate strength, excitement, energy, power - all positive attributes to enhance trust in the brand overall.

We used a bright fire-inspired gradient to ensure the brand stands out in the IT marketplace space, combining it with 3D rendered shapes and textures to give a fresh, contemporary feel.

Our taglines and copy are punchy and powerful. Simple, succinct statements deliver value and USPs in efficient and eloquent ways, providing easy entry into the Fyrefly brand story wherever audiences engage with them.

When combined, the visual and verbal styles deliver a slick, standout identity for Fyrefly which makes people stand out and take notice.

We wish the team every success as they continue to scale and look forward to supporting them in the future.

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