03 June 2021

Naming Your Brand

Your name is the first introduction your brand makes. It is a fundamental piece of your brand strategy, which is often the most difficult to produce since you’re trying to convey so much with so little.

So, you’ve created a brand. First of all, congrats! That’s brilliant. You’ve worked hard on your product, assigned yourself a mission and now all that’s left is a name. Hmmm. How about.... Business Incorporated? No, that’s dumb. Stuff ‘R’ Us! Ugh. Not as easy as it looks, is it?

Your name is the first introduction your brand makes. It is a fundamental piece of your brand strategy, which is often the most difficult to produce since you’re trying to convey so much with so little. But don’t worry! We’re the experts. As the great Mrs Doubtfire once said, “Help is on the way, dear!”

At OOB, our goal is to make your new brand stand out in the payments industry. We aim to both engage your ideal audience and encapsulate your personality, all led by a curious, catchy name which is easily remembered, and solely synonymous with you.

Through our naming process, we develop a collection of SEO savvy names that differentiates you from your competitors, putting you front-and-centre in your industry. Better still, we cross reference them with current trademarks and registrations so there aren’t any nasty surprises along the way. Want to know more? Of course you do! Here’s how we do it:

The Initial Workshop

All of our client engagements begin with a strategic planning workshop. There’s no guesswork in what we do: everything is rooted in data and research. We perform a deep dive on your brand to understand your narrative, mission, vision and values, giving us a clear picture of who your brand truly is. Simply put, we get to know you inside out. Appealing? We think so.

We will explore your origin story, brand personality, goals and achievements, as well as which brands you already love. What makes your brand unique and interesting? Which emotions will your brand evoke in consumers? If your brand was an animal, which would it be? And why? What star sign are you? That one’s just for our personal records. Tee hee!

The Brief

Before we get to the fun, creative part, it’s important to pin down exactly what you want your name to say. After all, the right name creates emotion. And it’s this emotion that triggers something within the consumer to make a decision to buy. To best understand this, we create a brief that provides an objective framework for the rest of the process. What is your desired brand experience? Which words best describe your brand personality? What feelings are we trying to convey here? Who are your key audience?

You have to stay true to your heritage; that's what your brand is about.

Alice Temperley

The Industry Research


Here, we analyse the name and identities of your competitors. What lessons can we learn? Are there any direct challenges to our proposition? How can we elevate above? This not only allows us to identify opportunities, but it helps us avoid drawing any parallels, meaning your brand name will shine in front of the rest.

The Development


Building on the insights gained from our initial workshop, documentation you provide, and our ongoing research, we develop five unique names to suit your brand. Some ideas are descriptive, some more poetic, and others (usually our favourite ones) completely abstract. This is where our creative juices really flow. These names are the crème de la crème of brand identities. They’ve passed all the tests, been optimised for SEO, and painstakingly checked against other IP and trading names worldwide. No chances of trademark conflict here! No siree.

When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable.

Meg Whitman

The Selection

To aid your final decision, we create high level concept mock-ups to bring your name choices to life. Our aim is to help you engage with the potential names in a more visual way, with depictions of how they may be used across design, merchandise, and on physical premises. A universal colour palette will also be assigned to the concepts, reflecting each and every aspect of your brand personality. Want to know how your brand name will look on a billboard? A window? A tote bag? We’ll show ya!

And there we have it! Once you’ve made your selection, you will have a brand name that meets your criteria, matches your narrative and encompasses your values. The perfect representation of you. And this is just the beginning! Your new name will form the foundation of your branding strategy and be applied to all other touchpoints in your business.

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