23 April 2021

Helping LawAdvisor 'Lawyer like never before'

The phrase “new normal” has been used quite a lot in the last year. Okay, you’re right—more than a lot. It’s been forever ingrained in our minds and culture as a symbol of perpetual Zoom calls, daily nature walks and working from home in your sweatpants. But now, as we transition out of lockdown, it begs the question: what does a 2021 “post-new normal” world look like?

According to a survey by the CBI and PwC, 74% of companies – particularly banks and insurance firms – are reviewing their office space in the hope of reducing it. With fewer office distractions and less commute stress, is it any wonder loungewear life is here to stay? Flexible work hours have boosted productivity. The convenience of being at home means we can easily attend chores usually saved for the weekends. In fact, 88% of office workers believe that they could work at least two days a week at home without impacting on their work and mental well-being. The people have spoken. The future is remote working and, in spite of its steadfast reputation, the legal industry is on board, too.

We recently partnered with LawAdvisor Ventures, an innovative player in the legal tech space, in the creation of their latest campaign, Lawyer like never before. Their ground-breaking product suite, created through their hero company, LawAdvisor Ventures, has truly streamlined the workflows of legal professionals across the globe, helping people work more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Whilst the world of law has been slow to adapt to technological change, the Covid-19 pandemic has given the industry a chance to rethink how it functions, and no company is better placed to help legal professionals do this than LawAdvisor Ventures. 

We were tasked with creating an exciting and impactful campaign which ties LawAdvisor Ventures together in an engaging way. We absolutely loved collaborating with the entire team on this project. Their passion and enthusiasm for what they do is infectious, and we definitely caught the bug! Not only have they continually refined and honed their innovative product suite during this work-from-home period, they’ve noted its benefits—more time with loved ones, better overall well-being—and implemented them into a better way to work. 

It takes a special kind of company to embrace the pandemic's disruptive effects, and for that we applaud them. As the world begins to open up, it’s time to hold onto the lessons we’ve learned from the past year and create a new kind of normal.

It’s time to lawyer like never before!

We look forward to supporting the brilliant LawAdvisor team on more projects in the months to come, and we can’t wait for the rest of the world to see the groundbreaking changes that this special team is going to make.

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